About Kevin

profileKevin St James is a professional makeup artist servicing the Nashville area, although he often works nationally.

While he is the instructor of the Fashion Makeup Program at Academy of Makeup Arts (Nashville, TN),  Kevin also perfects his skill and stays current with the latest trends by continuing education to hone his technique. He works to understand his client’s unique vision for the look they want to achieve and masters every detail in bringing the vision to life.

Celebrity Clients: Marty Stuart, Maria Salas

Recent Work:

PBS American Masters: Marty Stuart
Proctor & Gamble Cover Girl 2014 Fall Fashion Show
Maria Salas CNN Latino Ent Reese Witherspoon Interview
Patrick Stinson Made In Hollywood Reese Witherspoon Interview
Denny Strickland “Get Your Swerve On” Music Video
Levy’s Fall Fashion Catalogue
Proctor & Gamble Cover Girl 2014 Spring Trends Fashion Show
Supershoots Workshop
The Headshot Lounge Corporate Event
MStreet Entertainment Dia De Los Muertos Event
Dirty Shirty Print Ad

PhotoShoots: Sebastian Smith, JT Smith, Mary Ketchum, Said Del Diaz, Ann Bridges, Dennis Keim, Joshua G Berardi, Jodie Kelly, Bill Barnard, Tom Gallien, Jason Dodson


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